The 10 Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021

Top Highest Paying IT Jobs in 2021

The 10 Highest-Paying IT Jobs in 2021

Wondering which technology jobs pay the most? Check out some of the highest-paying IT jobs, and find out why firms are looking for pros with these skill sets. Technologies are changing rapidly and demand of new skills are also increasing. So we need to learn new technologies and skills which will give us good salary, which technologies are giving good and handsome salary in 2021. So here we have listed the most high paying IT jobs in 2021.

  1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is one of the best skills that every small and big companies are looking and demand of Data Scientist are growing rapidly because it is not only required in IT Domain but also it is required in other domain like Finance, Insurance, e-Commerce, Retail etc. To become Data Scientist you need to know core statistics and one Programming language like Python or R you need to know very well. Data Scientist with Python programming skills are very high because python has a very huge community for Data Science project and also it will provide lot of feature to create Full Stack Data Science Application and it is also easy to go with Python with Data Science rather than R.

Salary In USA- High -$200000, Mid-$150000, Low-$120000

Salary In India-High-upto 6000000, Mid-3000000, Low- 1200000

Companies Hiring Data Scientist in 2021

  • Amazon

2. Machine Learning Expert and AI Architect

Machine Learning and AI Architect is the second top high paying job in 2021. In Data Science we use heavily machine learning and AI for prediction analysis, nural analysis, deep learning etc. Now every company wants machine learning experts or AI architect to build there AI based product and companies are heavily investing in those technologies because Machine Learning and AI is a trillion dollars industry and it will not only limited in IT industry but also it will expand in various sectors like e-Commerce, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Automotive Cars, Streaming Videos Platform, Augmented and Virtual Reality etc industry. Supervised and Unsupervised learning demands growing day by day and there are various technologies which will help to be machine learning expert like Tensorflow, Keras, Dask, Scikit, Cloud Auto ML etc.

Salary In USA- High -$180000, Mid-$140000, Low-$100000

Salary In India-High-upto 4500000, Mid-2500000, Low- 1000000

Companies Hiring Machine Learning Expert/AI Architect in 2021

  • Amazon

3. Big Data Engineer

When the data is huge and then we need to use Big Data technologies to manage huge data. Big data engineers are responsible for software and hardware architecture in a company. Now every mid level to enterprise companies are using Big Data to manage their data, it is obvious that in traditional ways we cannot manage huge data and that is why Big Data evelove and Big Data technologies updated time to time based on data volume. So to become a Big Data Engineer the candidate should have knowledge in Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Redis, Mapreduce, Hive etc. Nowadays clouds also gives you managed Big Data Solution like Google Cloud provides Google Cloud Data Proc where you can run your own cluster and nodes and as it is managed the scalability will handle by Google Cloud. So Big Data, cloud are inter related to each other and companies are eagerly looking for candidate who has an high level of idea in other technologies including Big Data.

Salary In USA- High -$160000, Mid-$130000, Low-$900000

Salary In India-High-upto 3500000, Mid-2500000, Low- 1000000

Companies Hiring Big Data Engineer in 2021

  • Amazon

4. Cloud Solution Architect

Cloud is always an evergreen technologies and demand of jobs in cloud technologies are very high whether it is India or USA or for any other country. The quantity or volume of Jobs in Cloud technologies are high and from small to enterprise level of companies are looking for Cloud Architect to build or manage there cloud solution. There are various roles are there in cloud technologies but among them Cloud Architect or Cloud Solution Architect is the highest paying than other cloud roles. Google Cloud Solution Architect certification demand is very high and it is the highest paid cloud certificate over to AWS and Azure. But quantity of Jobs are higher in AWS Cloud then Google Cloud and then Azure.

Salary In USA- High -$170000, Mid-$125000, Low-$800000

Salary In India-High-upto 4000000, Mid-2000000, Low- 800000

Companies Hiring Cloud Solution Architect in 2021

  • Amazon

5. Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Engineer specializes in developing and implementing infrastructure solution in Blockchain Technology. The demand of Blockchain Technology is growing but the suppliers are not growing it means due to lack of expertise candidate in Blockchain Technology Companies cannot find suitable candidate in Blockchain Technology. So companies are giving training to candidates to learn blockchain technology and also there are lot of elite institute from India or USA and online courses available which will really help to learn Blockchain Technology and land to your dream job in Blockchain Technology.

Salary In USA- High -$155000, Mid-$120000, Low-$900000

Salary In India-High-upto 4000000, Mid-2000000, Low- 800000

Companies Hiring Blockchain Engineer in 2021

  • Goldman Sachs

6. Software Architect / Solution Architect

A Software Architect or we also called as Solution Architect is responsible to develop the whole software architecture from first to last. So he will create architect for UI, Backend, Database, Data Modeling etc of a Software System. To Become a Software Architect he must work on different skill sets like Full Stack Engineering, Data Analytics, Database, Programming, and also He should have good experience in developing large scale distributed system.

Salary In USA- High -$155000, Mid-$120000, Low-$900000

Salary In India-High-upto 4000000, Mid-2000000, Low- 800000

Companies Hiring Software Architect / Solution Architect in 2021

  • Apple

7. DevOps Engineer

Devops Engineer is one of the technical field where the salary is good, work is less and also you will get project security because most of the project will go for long term basis and Company needs Devops Engineer for long term basis based on their Maintenance of Application Infrastructure. To become Devops Engineer you need to know various CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, Gitlab CI, Github, Chef, Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes etc.

Salary In USA- High -$145000, Mid-$120000, Low-$800000

Salary In India-High-upto 3500000, Mid-1800000, Low- 900000

Companies Hiring DevOps Engineer in 2021

  • Apple

8. Full Stack Engineer

Full Stack Engineer are those Engineers who work in application frontend and in backend both. Earlier we had seen that for front end we use front end developer to do front end development and backend developer will do backend development. But now due to modern technologies like MEAN, MERN Stack, JAMStack, Headless CMS companies are looking for Full Stack Engineer who are capable of handling front end and backend development. To become Full Stack Developer you need to JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, any popular front end frameworks like Angular/ React/ Vue and any backend programming languages like NodeJS/Python/Java/Go etc. The quantity of Full Stack Developer jobs are always high and it is increasing day by day most companies are looking for Full Stack Engineer instead of only Frontend and Backend End Engineers.

Salary In USA- High -$140000, Mid-$110000, Low-$800000

Salary In India-High-upto 3000000, Mid-2000000, Low- 800000

Companies Hiring Full Stack Engineer in 2021

  • Google

9. Product Manager

Product managers are responsible for delivering an operating plan that can help achieve strategic and tactical goals and objectives, building a product portfolio, managing and implementing marketing activities, and contributing to the product strategy and its vision. Product Manager is mainly look how we need to build a great product from where the business would be profitable, they not only look for building product but also managing product because if business will not get profit from product or if end user is not satisfied with this product then product manager will be responsible for it and he needs to take decision that how to improve productivity of the product so that company will get good ROI. So a Product Manager plays a very vital role in a company depend on their decision company builds the product.

Salary In USA- High -$120000, Mid-$90000, Low-$700000

Salary In India-High-upto 2500000, Mid-1800000, Low- 1000000

Companies Hiring Product Manager in 2021

  • Google

10. Business Analyst

Business Analytics is one of the technology where they need to do various analysis on data and take a decision on business growth. In 2021 Business Analyst need to know Data Analytics tools and various reports software to work on Analytics part and as well making business decision part. So to become Business Analyst the person should have knowledge in Tableau, Power BI, Teradata, Google Bigquery, Google Big Table, SQL, Powerpoint, Advance Excel, Google analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio etc technology.

Salary In USA- High -$100000, Mid-$80000, Low-$750000

Salary In India-High-upto 2000000, Mid-1500000, Low- 600000

Companies Hiring Business Analyst in 2021

  • Google


If you are planning for a future in IT then choose any one of the technology among the top highest paying jobs then you will get good salary, opportunity, projects and good companies. In IT there are lot of technologies out there in the market but those technology will not paid you that much of salary and not have good growth and projects. So you need to choose a your decision wisely and pick one technology which will be in the market for next 10 years and it will also give you good salary and good growth.

I am Full Stack Developer and Data Scientist, I have worked some of the biggest client’s project (eg. Walmart, Cisco, Uber, Apple, JP Morgan, Capital One etc).

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