Automated News Website Using Google News ChatGPT WordPress Make $1000 Per Day

Pritam Banerjee
8 min readJul 28, 2023

How to make minimum $1000 Per Day money using ChatGPT and Google News | Millions Dollar Business Ideas

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Nowadays make money online is easy task if you can properly and smartly use the AI. The quality of result you will get by using AI, it is far better than human result when you know how smartly need to use AI to get desired quality result. We know the content is the king, it can be video content, text content, audio content etc, but the quality of content should be good, human friendly and SEO friendly. So In order to achieve best result we need to focus on the quality and AI produce quality result but at the same time it will produce the AI content which search engine sometime does not like. But here is the catch if you know how smartly you can use Generative AI to produce content then Search engine also failed to understand whether it is AI content or not.

So by using this mindset we need to work with AI tools and they will be our assistance to do our work smartly, from your side you need to provide smart instruction to do their job.

Automated News Website

So Automated News Website is a trending topic today and buzzword in the internet. This Automated News Website or Automated Trending Websites are a million dollar business. People do not aware of this business and they do not use this business to automate the process. So Trending Website or News Website we already know, we used to create those content from another website. But what is automated! So Automated News Website mean that everything is Automated, You just need to create the website and then everything is automated it means you do not need to manage the website to add content, update content etc, It will be done automatically.

So Earlier this feature is there but cannot make fully Automated but now ChatGPT come and it really help us 100% to create Automated News or Automated Trending website which can be million dollar business and thanks to google trends by which we can automate it and also WordPress is still great CMS to create Automated News Website.

So to create Automated News Website what are the things we required, We need Google Trends API…



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